Apr 242012



Influenced by a Baudelaire poem Une Chargonne, this pile of raucous materiality (rabbit skin glue, fake fur, an inflating silicone bladder, organ pipes, salt, clay…) brings a particular Romantic edge to the conversation on material’s participation in culture.  Baudelaire reminds us of the particular productivity of rot, of ruin, a vitality that is very different than human life yet impossible to ignore–a stinking swarming of something whole into a multitude.


This project is one component in a larger project, The Cultural History of Air, a network of sculptures that communicate to each other (and to us) through pneumatic circuitry.  Below is a short video documenting my attempts to create a feedback loop between Vibrant Matter and my previous piece Pneuma.  The movement of these pieces is achieved entirely through air (air piloted valves, etc.)




 April 24, 2012  On Air and Influence

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