Jun 192016

Androne: Or Semi-Autonomous Flying Hurdy-Gurdy (after Tatlin)

The Androne is a functional hurdy-gurdy (a “drone” musical instrument) in the shape of the predator drone currently flying missions in the middle east by the US military.  This project has been shown at Heaven Gallery in Chicago, the Waubonsee Community College gallery, and in the Experimental Sound Studio [ESS] Gallery.  In ESS it was also performed live as in instrument with MT Coast and Michael Zerang, who brought THE OTHER sculptural hurdy-gurdy, an instrument in the shape of a coffin MT Coast finished the exhibition with a sound created from sounds sampled from the Androne and a video piece projected on the sculpture.

For additional information on this project, see pamphlet below (in .pdf form) for clarification.


thumbnail of The origin of drone warfare

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