Jul 282017
Constructing Peace

 In this scene, we are constructing the interplanetary court envisioned by the 19th century philosopher Fedorov to ensure peace as humans inhabit the solar system.  The cnc is equipped with a syringe to print ice on a supercooled copper surface.

Nov 032014

In a very slightly different parallel universe Giles Deleuze misspelled the title to his famous essay, “Immanence: a Life”, setting off an unexpected and unintentional trajectory for contemporary theory

Jun 072013
Pale Blue Eyes

Pale Blue Eyes is a performance piece developed for the Rapid Pulse international performance festival and performed June 3rd, 2013. Roughly based on the history of the surgical theater, this work attempts a surgical investigation into the experience of viewing/participating in art.

Aug 222011

H.YL.O.Z.O.I.S.M. is a collaborative research project in collaboration with Marissa Benedict that explored, among other things, Joseph Beuys, the material movement of Chicago and its history, the lifestyle of urban coyotes, diving for anaerobic microbes and much more

 August 22, 2011  Current Projects
Jul 302011

The first component of a large-scale kinetic sculpture/installation/performance to revitalize flabby matter. In this piece, a compressor activates hand pumps atop a veneered stand, pumping air to next component.

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Jul 302011
Salt Crystal TV

A TV for watching salt crystals grow. When an assistant pours salt into the funnel, it starts a 45 minute “television show” of crystals forming a lunar-like saline landscape, then collapsing into the abyss.

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