Jun 192016

The Androne is a functional hurdy-gurdy (a “drone” musical instrument) in the shape of the predator drone currently flying missions in the middle east by the US military.

Nov 032014

In a very slightly different parallel universe Giles Deleuze misspelled the title to his famous essay, “Immanence: a Life”, setting off an unexpected and unintentional trajectory for contemporary theory

Jun 072013
Pale Blue Eyes

Pale Blue Eyes is a performance piece developed for the Rapid Pulse international performance festival and performed June 3rd, 2013. Roughly based on the history of the surgical theater, this work attempts a surgical investigation into the experience of viewing/participating in art.

Oct 082012
The Banquet

In 18th century France, Anton Mesmer’s banquet, filled with Animal Magnetism, healed the cultural elite by provoking hysterical fits, “crises,” which opened the patients up to the Flow circulating through all people, the materials of the banquet, and the moon and the stars.  When Benjamin Franklin came to France and proved, with a distinguished group […]

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Apr 242012
The Air-Loom (or Influencing Machine)

The Air-Loom (or Influencing Machine) is a response to my research on an 18th century psychotic James Tilly Mathews, who believed he was persecuted by what he called an “Air-Loom,” a pneumatic device that could influence his thoughts and world history.  I’m particularly interested in his imagined machine, which marked the moment, at the turn […]

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Apr 242012
Vibrant Matter

Influenced by a Baudelaire poem Une Chargonne, this pile of raucous materiality (rabbit skin glue, fake fur, an inflating silicone bladder, organ pipes, salt, clay…) brings a particular Romantic edge to the conversation on material’s participation in culture.

 April 24, 2012  On Air and Influence
Oct 032010

Delaurence Performance Investment InCorporated is a brand new publishing house and distributor of instructions sets, kits and tools for live action, small scale performance, and personal exercises. Advocating for the work of our selected contributors, we will provide the frame to experiment with the relevance and value of performance activities across our wide and varied customer base. If you are interested in a radical politics of the everyday, YOU can be involved as a participant, customer, or supplier!

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