Human and Animal


My interest in this theme of human and animal came first from reading Ovid’s metamorphosis.  Ovid writes from a mythic world view in which all animals used to be people and all people used to be animals.  I am curious about how considering this mythic world view might change our concept of nature and our responsibilities and relations to it.

Wicked Badass Icthys

The first time Daniel Philips and I visited this abandoned paper mill holding tank together, we saw a rather large fish living in it and wondered how it got there. We worked together to haul steel boxes and a metal panel over the wall of the tank to build an improvised fishing platform. With a homemade rebar fishing rod and day-glow fishing tackle shaped into graffiti tags, we gave offerings to this fish that, god or not, is clearly hardcore.

Momento Mori

August 28 performance event in Oakland CA. In this performance, Sabri Reed and I created momento mori as wind-up flying sculptures, and provided them (through the mail) at a performance event in Oakland, CA. We find puritan imagery to be appropriate content for asking formal questions of art, audience, artist and the production of meaning.

Chicken Coop City

Une ferme n’est pas une fantasie architectural. C’est quelque chose de semblable a un evenement naturel, quelque chose qui est comme le visage humanize de la terre.  Une espece de plante geometrique aussi liee au paysage qu’un arbre ou une coline et aussi expressive de la presence humaine qu’un meuble ou qu’une machine Le Corbusier, […]

Urban Coyotes of Chicago, Can You Hear Me?

Marissa Benedict and I have begun, at live performance events, attempt to locate and communicating with the invisible Chicago coyote population via their radio collar attachments (the first of these performances occurred on August 27th during Heroic: Please! at Debifrillator Gallery, Chicago, IL).

Acteon Performances

The Acteon instrument was used for a series of performances, the summer of 2009, in the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA. In these performances, groups of participants and I mapped the ancient Greek myth of Acteon over this public research park designed by Frederic Law Olmsted.     PERFORMANCE Sleep and waking, illness and health are […]