Instruments and Apparati


The Air-Loom (or Influencing Machine)

The Air-Loom (or Influencing Machine) is a response to my research on an 18th century psychotic James Tilly Mathews, who believed he was persecuted by what he called an “Air-Loom,” a pneumatic device that could influence his thoughts and world history.  I’m particularly interested in his imagined machine, which marked the moment, at the turn […]


H.YL.O.Z.O.I.S.M. is a collaborative research project in collaboration with Marissa Benedict that explored, among other things, Joseph Beuys, the material movement of Chicago and its history, the lifestyle of urban coyotes, diving for anaerobic microbes and much more


The first component of a large-scale kinetic sculpture/installation/performance to revitalize flabby matter. In this piece, a compressor activates hand pumps atop a veneered stand, pumping air to next component.

Salt Crystal TV

A TV for watching salt crystals grow. When an assistant pours salt into the funnel, it starts a 45 minute “television show” of crystals forming a lunar-like saline landscape, then collapsing into the abyss.

Momento Mori

August 28 performance event in Oakland CA. In this performance, Sabri Reed and I created momento mori as wind-up flying sculptures, and provided them (through the mail) at a performance event in Oakland, CA. We find puritan imagery to be appropriate content for asking formal questions of art, audience, artist and the production of meaning.

The Theoria Machine (Prototype)

I have been designing and prototyping an instrument I call a theoria, designed to allow small groups of people to collaboratively engage and map divine sites located within a city’s waterworks.