Jul 272013


We’ll Meet You There was a one night performance event consisting of eight simultaneous community promenades/walks through Wicker Park/Bucktown publicly celebrating and bearing witness to everyday aspects of our lives. The Promenade of Rising Dough, The Promenade of Double Knots, The Promenade of One Bumble Bee, The Promenade of Plywood, The Promenade of Noras, the Promenade of Vacuums, The Promenade of Cantaloupe, and the Promenade of Collies each had their own mood and attitude, meeting place and route through the neighborhood, and they  all converged around 6 o’clock at a city park in the neighborhood.  At the park we assembled for a neighborhood rally not for sport teams or returning heroes, but for ourselves and the absurdity and beauty of the world in which we live.

On Friday August 23rd, a beautiful evening for a promenade, a full assembly of awesome people showed out carrying mellon, boards, rope, dough, etc.  Groups of melon, boards, and rope, slowly worked their way through the neighborhood.  A vacuum was promenaded.  A Nora met a Nora at a coffee shop.  Dough served as a site for meeting interesting strangers.  Madness ensued.

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