Jun 172014

RememberingLoaded Text











Remembering Loaded Text:
The 25th Anniversary of a Public Art Work Made in Durham

June 17-July 19, 2014 at the Durham History Hub

Remembering Loaded Text will remember and collect memories about the temporary public art work, Loaded Text, created in June 1989 by artists Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler in downtown Durham as part of a national conference on public art co-sponsored by the NC Arts Council and the Durham Arts Council. This exhibit will recover and present the history of Loaded Text, collect memories about it in the History Hub’s Story Room, and document its current state. The exhibit is co-curated by Andrew Barco, Sabri Reed, and Julie Thomson. For more details visit here.

Have memories of Loaded Text? Contact us at
We will be posting memories, stories, and any photos that we collect here.





Mar 272014

Hi everyone! So we have arranged a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Durham/University Medical Center.  It’s located right by Ninth street (for those of you who know Durham) and its walking distance or a quick shuttle ride/bus ride to all of the events and nice areas with restaurants, little shops, etc.  Here’s the address: | 2102 W. Main Street | Durham| North Carolina | 27705

Here is the link, our group code is RBW  for reserving a room there in our block.  The rate is $101 per night, and we have this arrangement Thursday the 5th  through Sunday the 8th.  Rooms must be reserved by May 5th to get this deal.  If you have any questions you can email the Hilton here: email us.

So looking forward to seeing you all!



Aug 052013

Sabri Reed and I codirected the Urban Anthropology Project in the spring of 2006.  As organizers, we (re)introduced participants to overlooked sites in downtown Durham for creative response.  This process of dialogue, documentation,  and action, culminated in an exhibition and evening of events at the Transom Gallery.

Aug 052013

Assembly: Rehearsing a Public Ritual for the Founding of the Land of Apocryphy, was a collaboration under the name The LOLO Trio, with Sabri Reed and Jacob Reed.  We invited theater-goers to build with provided material in a way that engaged the broader implications of our constructed world.

Aug 052013

In this performance, Sabri Reed and I created momento mori as wind-up flying sculptures, and provided them (through the mail) at a performance event in Oakland, CA.  We find puritan imagery to be appropriate content for asking formal questions of art, audience, artist and the production of meaning.   Consider the following parallels between puritan theology and creative production.  In the puritan worldview the concept of Original sin leads to an overwhelming consciousness of one’s sinful nature, which seems to parallel nicely the artist’s overwhelming consciousness of meaning making, and thus implies the inescapable symbolic resonance of everything we do.

Aug 052013

My long-time collaborator and I, Sabri Reed started the DeLaurence Performance Investment InCorporated as a venue to publicly share and distribute, through pushcart and mail order catalogue, instruction sets and tools for private performative exercise.  We see these kits, which grow out of our studio and performance research (and that of other collaborators we meet along the way) as ways anyone can engage in a daily personal practice of perceptual and material play.  We engage the public as small business owners, taking the familiar interactions of retail as opportunities for playful disruption of expectations.

Jul 272013


We’ll Meet You There was a one night performance event consisting of eight simultaneous community promenades/walks through Wicker Park/Bucktown publicly celebrating and bearing witness to everyday aspects of our lives. The Promenade of Rising Dough, The Promenade of Double Knots, The Promenade of One Bumble Bee, The Promenade of Plywood, The Promenade of Noras, the Promenade of Vacuums, The Promenade of Cantaloupe, and the Promenade of Collies each had their own mood and attitude, meeting place and route through the neighborhood, and they  all converged around 6 o’clock at a city park in the neighborhood.  At the park we assembled for a neighborhood rally not for sport teams or returning heroes, but for ourselves and the absurdity and beauty of the world in which we live.

On Friday August 23rd, a beautiful evening for a promenade, a full assembly of awesome people showed out carrying mellon, boards, rope, dough, etc.  Groups of melon, boards, and rope, slowly worked their way through the neighborhood.  A vacuum was promenaded.  A Nora met a Nora at a coffee shop.  Dough served as a site for meeting interesting strangers.  Madness ensued.